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It's hard to believe that The Lark Family Genealogy Website has been up and running for 20 years.  The navigation bar at the top and the bottom of every page and on the side of the home page will take you around the site where you'll see all the old and hopefully lots of new information.   I'd love to hear from you -- email, tweet, facebook, & I wouldn't even mind smoke signals if helps me to connect or stay connected with cousins -- old and new.  Enjoy! 

Clan MacFarlane! 

Code of Arms

To all the Lark's that are descendants from George Washington LARK (1884-1940) or his brother, Charles Henry LARK (1877-1954) --- welcome to Clan MacFarlane!  We are MacFarlane's!  Visit the DNA Page or the Mystery Surrounding James M. LARK. 


Jacob 'Jake' ROLLINS, 1 Jun 1977 to 2 Oct 2018, biological son of E. Craig DAVIS, JR. and Alyce Permenter, adopted by Jack Rollins at three years old.  Obituary

A Gem!

Every once in awhile you come across a little gem....

My great grandparents: Emory Fletcher Thompson (1848-1921) with his wife Sarah "Sallie" Margaret FINNEY (1848-1931)

"Skids Gray" ----- as told by Scott E. Lark written by Jennifer Hartman

In 1942, my grandfather first met Corporal Robert “Skids” Gray.  A native of New England who, before World War II had done duty in China and American Samoa, Skids was what my grandfather called a “model Marine.”  He always presented himself immaculately:  his uniform trousers had so sharp a crease you could cut your finger on it.        Read More...

The Move from Castlewood, Russell County, Virginia to Baltimore, Maryland                                            ------ as told by Scott E. Lark written by Jennifer Hartman

Gravel Lick RoadIn 1929, my grandfather’s family moved from Castlewood, Virginia to Baltimore, Maryland.  Before leaving Russell County, thinking he was done with school forever, my grandfather tossed aside his Kindergarden primer book along the walk home down Gravel Lick Road.  Back on the farm, his mother was furious: books and paper were expensive.        Read More...

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 dad mom boat   Lacy Sommerman   Margaret and Lacy Clark   Larry and Jimmy Lark   William Lark Family

Family Resemblence

Brothers:  William Allen Lark (1867-1952)
 and John B. Lark (1851-1901)
*Picture compliments of Dorothy
John D. Lark, my brother, and great grandson to John B. Lark -- Anybody see the resemblence to John B. Lark besides me???

What's New?

October 26, 2018

- Added obituary for Jacob 'Jake' ROLLINS
- Added 1928 City Directory for Asheville, NC
- Added obituary for Robert Neal LARK
- Added photo of Barzella Franklin BATES to Gallery 13- Added photo of Mary Elizabeth LARK to Gallery 13
- Added Martin Van Buren Bates, Sr Story
- Added Barzella Franklin Bates Funeral Service Info and Obituary
- Added Death Certificate for Lucy BATES Polly
- Added photo of Emory Fletcher Thompson and Sarah "Sallie" Margaret Finney, Gallery 15
- Added photo of Thomas Walter HARRISON and Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" "Bettie" THOMPSON, Gallery 15


March 26, 2018

- Added Cemetery and Obit Info for William Henry Lark, son of Everette Floyd LARK and Dorothy Marie SYKES
- Added Cemetery and Obit Info for William Franklin GILBERT married to Polly Mae LARK, daughter of Everette Floyd LARK and Dorothy Marie SYKES
- Added photo of William Franklin Gilbert in Gallery 14


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Our Family

To forget one's ancestors is to be a brook
without a source, a tree without a root.
-  An old Chinese Proverb

Oral History

Oral history - Scott E. Lark's memories and recollections of the early war years (WWII) and his enlistment into the USMC.  Interview by Jessie Hartman.  (Requires browser plug-in)

Written Transcript of Oral History

What's in this site? 

- What's New? (Additions to the website)

- About Me
- Census Info (Where were they?)
- Cousins (The 34 children of the 12 children of George LARK & Virginia Catherine THOMPSON).
- Deed & Homesteads (Homes of George Washington LARK and Virginia Catherine THOMPSON).
Do You Know These Ancestors? (Family photos that need identification)
-b (Eva Lark)
Final Resting Place for some of our our family with cemetery addresses and associated obituries. 
- Gallery (Pictures) Gallery1, Gallery2, Gallery3, Gallery4, Gallery5, Gallery6, Gallery7, Gallery8, Gallery9, Gallery10, Gallery11, Gallery12, Gallery13, Gallery14, Gallery15
- George Washington LARK & Virginia Catherine THOMPSON's Family Pictures of G.W. LARK and V.C THOMPSON with their 12 children. 
Martin's Hundred  (The 17th Centruy Plantation in Southeast Virginia on the James River). 
- Memorabilia
- Military Service - Post Civil War (Family members who serviced our Country)
- Military Service:  Civil, War of 1812 and Revolutionary War  John Amburgey's Revolutionary War Record.
- Quilt of Valor presented to Scott E. LARK by niece, Jean.
- The Mystery surrounding James M. Lark (my great great grandfather)
- Tidbits
- Toy Lark's Story (as a Silver Star recipient in Gen George S. Patton's 3rd Army). 
- Vital Records and Certificates 

Surname List

 Surname list includes:  birth/death dates; father/mother surname & given name.


- Scott Lark b1923 (HTML)
- Lark Pedigree Chart (PDF)
- Compressed Lark Pedigree Chart (PDF)
- Elizabeth Amburgey b1821 (HTML)
- Descendant Chart John Amburgey Jr b1758 (PDF)
- Descendant Chart Edward Thruston
b 1637/38 (PDF)

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