March 25, 2010:   mtDNA = Haplogroup X2b    Links for explanation:    Family Tree DNA or Wikipedia

                              Y- Haplotree = R1b1b2    Links for explanation:   Wikipedia

                              Ancestoral Origins:    Scotland

Feb 28, 2011 - Lark, McFarlane, MacGregor - I'm so confused!  - If you've been following this page or The Mystery Surrounding James M. Lark, then you know James M. Lark was a bastard child and his mother was Polly Lark.   At this point, through research and DNA testing -- I'm 99.99% positive that James M. Lark's father was James McFarlane.    Here is the intersting - no fascinating part:   our McFarlane was probably a MacGregor (yes... of Rob Roy fame).    See the MacGregor DNA Project for more information.    More to come!

Personal Note (Sept 7, 2009):    As many of you are aware I've searched for the parentage of James M. Lark,
 my great great grandfather,  for a long time!  (Read "The Mystery Surrounding James M. Lark")
I greatly appreciate those who visit this site sharing info "passed down"
 on the history of the Lark's, which by the way is pointing to be a McFarland vice a Lark!    I've taken
 the plunge into DNA Genealogy testing (courtesy of my father as I needed a male volunteer).   
There is a rather large group (for DNA testing) doing research in the Cumberland Gap area, of which Russell County,
 VA is included.   Lark was not amongst the surnames but McFarland (as well as others in our line) are part of the group.
    I am extremely excited about the results in 6 weeks --- stay tuned.   Any others interested -- please let me know.  
Thank you and please keep your emails/correspondence coming!