What's New? 

March 25, 2018

- Updated the DNA Page
- Updated the Military Service, Civil War, War of 1812 and Revolutionary War page to include the service of William MacFarlane anad Col James Alexander MacFarlane. 

March 18, 2018

- Added Obituary for Jack Miller (Mar to Lee DIAZ)

- Added Cemetery and Obit Info for Dale Phillips (Mar to Eva Mae LARK)

March 11, 2018

- Added Page 14 to the Photo Gallery

Calendar Year 2017

- Added obituary and cemeter information for Marilyn E. Ryan (married to Robert H. Clark)

Calendar Year 2016

- Added information about Eva LARK, my found first cousin/Elusive Ancestor & her mother, Grace Simmons
- Added, Eva Mae LARK picture and death date on Cousins page
- Added cemetery information  and obituary for Eva Mae LARK (daughter of Lenard LARK & Grace SIMMONS)
- Added cemetery information, headstone picture, and obituary for Grace SIMMONS (married to Lenard LARK)
- Added several pictures of William [Bill] LARK, (son of Carl LARK & Dorothy BOARD) and family - Gallery 12 and Gallery 13
- Added pic of Earl Vernon TODD with son, Muss TODD; Muss TODD w/mother Mary Alice LARK; & Muss TODD w/sister Ruthie TODD - Gallery 13
- Added Marriage Certificate for Ira Bell LARK [Phillips] & Joseph Bernard DESS, Jr.
- Added Marriage Certificate for Richard Lewis LARK & Jean Carol MAGGARD
- Added Delayed Birth Certificate for Ira Bell LARK
- Added Birth Certificate for Charles Gimmel LARK
- Added Marriage Certificate for Edna May LARK and Nellus BUCHANAN
- Added Marriage Certificate for William Stafford COMER and Joan Marie HUFFMAN
- Added Marriage Certification for Jerry E. LARK and Mildred Geneva PUCKETT
- Added Marriage Certificate for Nettie Belle LARK and Stafford McGuire COMER
- Added Death Certificate for Audrey Lee PHILLIPS
- Added cemetery information for Bessie M. GILLILAND (mar to Joseph R. SYKES)
- Added cemetery information for Joseph R. SYKES (mar to Bessie M. GILLILAND)
- Added Death Certificate for Bessie M. GILLILAND (mar to Joseph R. SYKES)
- Added Death Certificate for Nettie Belle LARK (mar to Stafford M. COMER)
- Added Death Certificate for Kenneth Wayne LARK
- Added Marriage Certificate for Paul Wilmer LARK and Leatha Mae Dotson (2nd mar for both)
- Added Marriage Certificate for William F. GILBERT and Polly M. LARK
- Added page 11 and page 12 to the photo gallery
- Added cemetery listing and obit for Phillip Gene Lark, JR. 
- Added info about Grace Simmons, our elusive ancestor
- Added Marriage License for Lola Mae LARK [Bentley] & Claude Lee McHone
- Added Marriage Certificate for Mary Ellen TAYLOR & Freddie Lee Breeding
- Added cemetery and obituary for Raymond Earl Clark (son of Lacey Lark and Otto Clark)
- Added headstone pic for Mary E. WATSON (wife of Troy LARK)
- Updated the About Me Page

Calendar Year 2015

- Added birth/dates & cemetery information for Everette Craig DAVIS, Jr
- Added headstone pic for John M. LARK
- Added cemetery and obituary for Thelma GUFFEY Lark (spouse of John M. LARK)
- Added cemetery and obituary for Roger Meade VROOMAN (spouse of Judith LARK)
- Added obituary for Martin O. Leatherwood (spouse of Virginia Ruth TODD)
- Added cemetery and obituary for Joyce R. LARK (daughter of Toy LARK & Bonnie WOLFE)
- Added cemetery for Stafford M. Comer (spouse of Nettie B. LARK)
- Added cemetery for Nettie B. LARK (daughter of William A. LARK & Cosby Ellen AMOS)
- Added cemetery and obituary for Raymond Farley COMER (son of Stafford M. COMER & Nettie B. LARK).
- Added headstone pic for Lacy Ann Sommerman
- Added headstone pic for Earl "Muss" Leonard TODD
- Added Marriage Certificate for Scott E. LARK & Shirley Jane PEARSON 25 Mar 1944, Craven, NC

Calendar Year 2014

- Added photo gallery 11
- Added military records James M. Lark
- Added military records for Jacob Thompson

Calendar Year 2013

- Added Quilt of Valor webpage. 
- Added picture of Shirley Jane Pearson LARK in uniform
- Added picture of Scott Elmer LARK in uniform
- Added picture of Queen Anne Hotel in New Bern, NC
- Census Information 1940 - Where were they?   (Work in progress)
- Added story of "Skid" Gray as told by Scott E. Lark written by Jennifer Hartman
- Added written transcript of Oral history, Scott E. Lark's memories and recollections
- Oral history - Scott E. Lark's memories and recollections of the early war years (WWII) and his enlistment into the USMC.  Interview by Jessie Hartman.  (Home Page - left hand-side)  (Home Page - left hand-side)
- Added cemetery location and obituary for Virginia Ruth Todd Leatherwood. 
- Added picture of Craig James Lark and headstone picture. 
- Added Photo Gallery 10 - Several pictures from Charles Gimmel Lark (1913-1955) and Lola STEPHENS family

Calendar Year 2012

- Added cemetery location and obituary for Craig James Lark.
- Added photos:  James Lark, son of Troy Lark with wife and granddaughter, Emma and photos of Emma.  
- Added additional information about elusive ancestor, Eva Lark
- Updated the Blog
- Added cemetery location for Barzella Bates, John Samuel "Peck" Lark and Earl Vernon Todd.   Added cemetery locations and obituaries for Charles Murphy BOLT and Joanne BOLT.
- Added photos:   Toy Lark w/sister Vivian Lark Harris, John Lark as Hopalong Cassidy, Children of Toy Lark and Rita Morginstern, and Pop Harvey w/wife Virginia Catherine Thompson and son Scott Lark and his wife Shirley Jane Pearson.  
- Added Photo Gallery 9 - Pictures of Shirley Jane PEARSON w/spouse Scott LARK, Irene HARRIS w/brother Jack Benjamin HARRIS, John LARK, the Dess's w/Bill Tegtmeir, the Harris's w/John Lark, Troy Lark and Sue Dess.
- Added obituary and cemetery location for Edith Grace Riley LARK, wife of Toy LARK
- Added a picture of a cute little boy - can you identify?
- Added cemetery location and obituary for Betty Jane Lark Blinne
- Added cemetery location for John Amburgey, Jr & his wife, Eliabeth Hamons
- Added headstone picture for Ronald W. Lark, William M. Lark -- all found here.
- 1940 Census Record for Grace Simmons/Eva Simmons
- Added cemetery location, obit w/picture for Frieda Kay LARK Boggs
- Added cemetery location for Paul W. Lark, Ronald Wayne Lark & William Michael Lark
- Added headstone pictures for Ambrose Amburgey, Rebecca Franklin Amburgey, Mary Lark Bates, Everett Lark, Kenneth Wayne Lark, Kyle Emory Lark, Philip Gene Lark, William Vernard Lark & Dorothy Sykes Lark -- all found here
- Pictures of Scott Lark, Mary Alice Lark, & Marlene Joanne Lark.  Also, picture of Jane Shirley Pearson, my mom, mar to Scott Lark & their sons.  Gallery 8.
- Several Pictures of Troy LARK, Ruth Kerin & Family.  Gallery 7 & 8.
- Added the cemetery location, picture, & Military service information for Ronald Ray Lark.   
- Added picture of Earl Clark.
- Added picture of Betty Gail LARK.
- Added picture of Margaret Clark & Lacy May Lark.
- Added pictures of cousins (Jean Lark, Susan Dess, John & Ron Lark).
- Added the cemetery location for Audrey F. Banks, married to Paul Lark.
- Added Lacy Ann Sommerman death date, cemetery information and obituary.
- Added Earl "Muss" L. Todd death date, picture and cemetery information and obituary.
- Added Buford Phillips birth and death dates and death certificate
- Added information about Grace Simmons Lark.        
- Added Lester LD Bentley cemetery address and obituary. 
- Added cemetery addresses for Troy Lark, Mary Elizabeth Watson and Buford Phillips. 
- Added an 8th page to the Photo Gallery.  
- Added to the "Do you know these ancestors?" page.




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